Get to know our office manager, Shannon!

What brought you to Curry Chiropractic?

I knew Dr. John previously through local music events, and I had been actively looking for another job when the opportunity came to help out at the office. Although I was new to chiropractic care, I grew up on natural and wholistic methods of medicine, so I love that I get to put that into practice (and continue learning!) on a daily basis. I really do love being a part of our patients' lives - nothing better than seeing them improve their quality of life, one visit at a time!

What's your favorite food?

Give me pizza and lasagna to last a lifetime and you'll be my best friend, haha! Mexican and Italian are always a hit with me. 

What's your favorite place to visit on vacation?

Tennessee, hands down! It's where my ancestral roots are, and I don't question their homesteading choice one bit:) Although the beach is a close second, there's nothing that can replicate the peace of being above the clouds. Pure serenity!

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Do you have any pets?

3 is quite the crowd at our house, as we are constantly entertained by our Yorkie-Pom. Moses, Calico cat Tiger, and Canary Frances. Never a dull moment!0029899001625687628.jpg



What's your favorite pass-time?

Anything in the arts (writing, drawing, dancing, etc.) are old loves of mine. I love what I do administratively, but my heart beats for dirty, dusty, hands-on restoration! Having been continually working on my family's old house for 6 years, I've become hooked to say the least. Preserving old gems of the past (whether through literature, craftsmanship, or simply through a way of life) was a staple for me growing up and that's where my passion is. I've been in a hard hat for as long as I can remember:)


Shannon (age 3) with her Uncle, Roger


Dr. Curry is a Chiropractor that practices in Petersburg and Springfield, IL. He practices chiropractic, acupuncture, nutritional therapy, and utilizes many different techniques to achieve optimal health.