Curry Chiropractic welcomes 

Dr. Duy Nguyễn

Dr. Curry and the team at Curry Chiropractic would like to welcome Dr. Duy Nguyen! 

Dr. Duy Nguyễn graduated as Valedictorian of his high school, Gateway Institute of Technology in St. Louis, MO in 1998. He enrolled in Saint Louis University with the intention of going to medical school, but, after witnessing how chiropractic and acupuncture was able to help his godfather’s fibromyalgia and chronic pain, he had a change of heart and pursued chiropractic school. Duy was born and raised in Vietnam for most of his early childhood, and his experiences have led him to gravitate towards the chiropractic paradigm of holistic healing that utilizes nutrition, lifestyle modification, and prevention.

Duy graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic 2004 and has been in practice for 17 years. He had moved to Springfield, Illinois in 2015 for his spouse’s career and has delved into his interest in FM, Functional Medicine. FM can and has reversed type 2 diabetes, reversed cognitive decline, put autoimmune conditions in remission, restored chronic GI complaints, and helped clear up allergies and skin rashes! FM can dampen heart disease, the #1 cause of death in America, and so much more. His own daughter’s food sensitivity, skin rashes, and asthma led him to seek out functional medicine and he has since become extremely passionate about functional medicine.

Duy has been married for 18 years and is a proud father of 3. In his free time you can find him reaching for his guitar, working out, reading, chasing the kids and Kipper—his goldendoodle puppy. He enjoys traveling and relaxing when he isn’t carpooling the kids to and from their extracurricular activities. As an immigrant from Vietnam who was raised by a single mom, he knows the power of hope and a helping hand. He likes to help his community through his local church at West Side and through Compassion International.

Dr. Nguyen Hours:

Monday and Friday 9-3

Wednesday 9-5



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