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Blood Analysis in Petersburg & Springfield, IL

Functional Blood Chemistry

What is Functional Blood Chemistry?

Blood tests are used every day to determine health status and pathology in medicine. Blood analysis are very useful in determining health status, but they can also be very helpful in prevention. Functional blood chemistry is a newer approach that looks at underlying nutritional imbalances and biochemical imbalances. A comprehensive metabolic and complete blood count can show a healthcare professional information about the condition and health status of the patient. 

We use a functional medicine approach to truly get to the root cause of the problem and support the patient as a whole body approach. In addition to functional blood testing, we utilize hormone saliva testing, hair mineral testing, genetic testing, and stool testing. A functional blood chemistry analysis is a great first step that is low cost and gives great results. 


There are two ways to interpret laboratory results. Functional blood chemistry ranges and regular lab ranges. They are also known as optimal ranges and pathological ranges. Test values that fall between optimal ranges and pathological ranges are considered sub-clinical and may indicate the beginning stages of disease. In other words, there might be a condition that isn’t bad enough to be treated medically.

Most times, very basic blood panel is run to determine a health status. It is impossible to develop right path to healing based on limited information and general lack of focus on disease prevention. The goal of functional blood chemistry analysis is to identify even the slightest shift in these patterns and develop a plan to optimal health. Therefore, comprehensive blood work is necessary to analyze necessary blood markers to have a “bigger picture”.

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We can also easily accommodate custom panels, to target specific health needs.  


  • Evaluates metabolic status.
  • Identifies early health risks in blood sugar, cardiovascular health, thyroid function, autoimmune disorders, hormonal imbalances, immune challenges, adrenal dysfunction.
  • Identifies unique nutritional deficiencies or excesses.
  • Provides personalized nutritional protocols to address nutritional imbalances. 
  • Provides early detection signs of life-threatening health conditions.
  • Helps to identify root cause of many chronic health challenges.
  • Calls attention to lab values that are out of Functional Range as opposed to Lab Ranges, which could be addressed with life style changes, supplements, diet modifications.
  • Monitor records and effectiveness of nutritional program with precise modifications when necessary.
  • Maintaining desired blood markers within functional (optimal) ranges will allow your immune, endocrine and neurological systems to function at their best and helping your live healthier life.