"Gut" feelings can be more important to your health than you think!


In a well-functioning GI Tract, ingested food is broken down, nutrients are absorbed, and waste is eliminated. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can render this process ineffective, and it is estimated that 60-70 million Americans struggle with GI disease processes. 

The chronic use of antacids and overuse of antibiotics, in addition to infections, lack of fibers, and food sensitivities have the potential to compromise GI health and functions.

A healthy Gastrointestinal System means more than just “not” having diarrhea, constipation, and/or bloating. There is a connection between the brain and the GI tract. Poor gut health can lead to cognitive and mood disorders, autoimmune disorders, malnutrition and much more. Simply put, in a Functional Medicine or a holistic paradigm, we see the body as a whole— any system that’s out of balance will negatively affect all of the other systems.

Healthy GI function is vital for keeping the toxins and pathogens out of the circulatory system and also for absorbing nutrients and defending against infections. it’s estimated that 70% of our immunity lies within our gut!

What are signs of poor gut health?

Bloating, GERD, malnutrition, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, 

abdominal pain, gas craving sweets, white coated tongue, fatigue,

insomina, abdominal pain, gas, craving sweets, white coated tongue, fatigue, 

insomnia, weight gain, moody and poor focus, more food reactions, 

and chemical intolerance.


Factors that adversely affect the gut health:

Insufficient chewing of food


Lack of sleep

Poor nutrition and diet

Diet lacks veggies

Poor microbiome due to overuse of antibiotics 

Consuming too much refined carbs/sugar 

Frequent use of PPI or antacids

Stress - Hypothyroidism - Inflammation

Food sensitivity and allergy 



What do we do to help your gut health?

First we conduct a thorough consultation—a process to gather a comprehensive understanding of your health history by covering everything about your health since your monumental arrival here on Earth. This is very crucial for further testing and eventually building supportive strategies down the road.  This is the uniqueness of functional medicine.  We treat the person with the condition, unlike conventional medicine which primarily treats the condition. Why? Because as an individual, the physical and emotional trauma, and stress you have experienced, along with your genetic makeup, environment, diet, sleep, and your job all affect your health.

Based on the history gathered, we can then order specific tests (blood work, GI mapping, etc.) So what comes after we determine the root cause of your problem? Sometimes we find the cause is “leaky gut”, other times it may be Celiac or food sensitivities, SIBO, infections and so on. The supportive strategies that follow often include new dietary regimens, food avoidance in case of allergy and or sensitivity, or nutritional supplements, all customizable by your choosing.

Your gut is the powerhouse of your body. What you put in it determines how you function in every aspect of life. Let us here at Curry Chiropractic help you regain your quality of life, and live it to the fullest! 


Dr. Nguyen is a Chiropractor that practices in Springfield, IL. He practices chiropractic, acupuncture, nutritional therapy, and utilizes many different techniques to achieve optimal health.